1. Eligibility

The European Architecture Awards® is open to architects in all disciplines worldwide.

The European Architecture Awards® is organised by Archi-Europe.

All entries will concern completed projects, realized after 2019, in the below mentioned topics/categories. Future original concepts are also accepted. The projects may be carried out individually or in groups, with no restriction of the members of the team. In case of presentation of projects realized by a team of architects, the team leader will have to be mentioned as, in case of prize award, he/she will be the person invited to the awarding ceremony. The number of projects to be presented by a single participant or a team is unlimited.


2. 6 Categories / awards


All submissions will concern one of the following topics :


office buildings

public buildings

healthcare facilities

educational facilities

retail projects

co-living residential projects

N.B. If there are projects which do not really fit into the categories above, these can be submitted in the category OPEN. The jury members will than decide in which category the project will be allocated.


There will also be a special prize for:

integrated innovation & well-being solutions


3. Language


Submissions and projects descriptions should be sent in English.

 4. Work Presentation


  • Graphic model: (three (3) DIN A-3 panels)

Graphic presentation in 2D and/or 3D will be shown in max 3 (three) A3 format sheets in one pdf file. Maximum size: 6MB per project/file. Each project will contain following information:

• photos

• photographer (if available)

• planimetry

• cross-sections

• name of the project

• name of the architect

• construction date

• sector development

• total m2

• location

• country


It will also be mandatory to declare in which of the 6 main categories the project is presented.



1. Projects can be presented simultaneously in maximum two different categories

2. Each contestant can present an undefined number of entries

3. If they consider it relevant and in case of doubt, the members of the jury will have the right to shift a project from a category to another.


  • Project description: (two (2) A4 pages)

The presentation of the projects will be done using only two A4 sheets (max. 4000 characters). Please include also a description of the geographic environment.


  • Project templates:

Each tenderer has to prepare the project in a certain style/lay-out.

You can download below the examples of the graphic model (A3) and the project description (A4) in Microsoft Word or Indesign.


Download Graphic Model (A3)

Download Description Model (A4) 


How to participate:

1. First you need to register.
2. After registration you will receive your project number by email.
This project number must be mentioned on your project board and project description.
3. Combine all A3 files into 1 pdf file, the same for the A4 files.
4. Once your project files are ready, you can upload them by WeTransfer to

  5. Labelling


All the files should contain the following information:

a. On top, right, the colophon of the selection (category, color)

b. On the bottom, all additional data concerning the tenderer

Please respect as much as possible the templates requirements (number of A4 and A3 sheets, colophon, labelling etc). Archi-Europe reserves the right to refuse incorrectly fulfilled entries. Archi-Europe also reserves the right to publish project entries on its communication media (, Archi-News® digital and printed magazine).


6. Entry deadline

Deadline for submitting entries is Friday 31st January 2023 at midnight.

The nominees will be contacted by phone or e-mail before 15 April 2023 and invited to attend the European Architecture Awards® awarding ceremony.


Key dates:


Project entry deadline: will be announced at a later date

Shortlist by jury: will be announced at a later date

7. Submission conditions


Submission is entirely free of charge, no fee will be requested for taking part in this competition.


8. Images copyright


By participating in the competition applicants authorize Archi-Europe to publish images and text excerpts at the sole purpose to be published in their own press releases, magazines and internet website.


9. Prizes


The winners will benefit from a national and international visibility campaign, their projects will be published in national and international architecture magazines, in Archi-Europe as well as in Archi-News® printed and digital magazine.


10. Complaints and enquiries


All enquiries or complaint must be sent through the contact form.

Jury's decisions are unquestionable.




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The European Architecture Awards® rewards outstanding international projects in key sectors such as co-living projects, retail, office and public buildings, healthcare & educational facilities…



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